Whether you are ready to hire me, or simply curious, let's talk!

Thank you for wanting to connect and get in touch.  If you have urgent concerns then please call me anytime at 021 066 0394.  Especially with infant feeding/sleep or urgent support.  I will answer my phone calls sooner than email.  However, with emails it could take up to 24hrs to respond.  Once you get in touch we can arrange to talk over the phone or meet in person for a 20 minute consult. 

Neighborhoods I serve:

Serving a 20km radius from Rongotea covering, Feilding, Palmerston North and Bulls areas.  If outside of this area I can still come to your home.  Driving time will be charged at a rate of $35 hour from outside the 20km radius.  Alternatively, you can come to me.  Where this isn’t possible Skype or Facetime can be a handy tool for communication if needed. 

Gift Vouchers

If you live far away from your loved ones and you're looking for the best way to show them you care, a gift voucher from Unique Beginnings will ensure they have the support they need.  Purchase your baby shower or blessingway gift on your own, or pool together with a group of family and friends.  Use the form below to reach out and we can design the perfect custom package!