Mother honouring abdominal massage

Closing the bones, an abdominal massage that gently brings the body, mind and soul back together, sealing what was opened during the birthing process.

Birth is quite profound at times for women and carrying out this abdominal massage can help to nurture and acknowledge the new role you are embarking on. Traditionally many cultures focus on rest, nurturing and healing in the first 30 days after birth. This style of abdominal massage aids this.  It originates from Ecuador and is repeated as often as the mother needs.  This massage is not limited to those who have recently given birth and can be equally beneficial for women who birthed many years ago.

Closing the hips & the cycle of pregnancy

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The abdominal massage starts with a rebozo (shawl) under your hips to gently rock you. A mix of essential oils designed to calm and warm you are used on your abdomen to compliment the massage. Finishing off with the wrapping of the rebozos around your hips and body.


The intension of this abdominal massage can be different for every woman.  Perhaps you experienced a miscarriage, or you never had children, this ritual is nuturing when compassion is needed. I invite you all to connect with me.


"it was truely a beautiful & very unique experience, nothing I have had done before & I am a massage therapist so have a few treatments in my time. I only wish I could have done this years ago with my other two babies & I definitely would do again & again! Just to honour my body & what it has done to give life was the most precious gift I could receive! Rebecca you truely have a gift & I’m so thankful"


Mother to 3


‘I just can't thank you enough, Rebecca. I obviously was sent your way for a reason, which I wasn't entirely sure why initially, but now I know. The combination of the Birth Story Listening Session followed by Closing of Bones was so beautiful and helpful in my healing after a traumatic birth experience. I already feel lighter and calmer within myself and heading towards my sense of peace. Thank you’


Mother, 'Birth Story Listening & Closing the Bones'

Closing The Bones

Closing The Bones

To nurture and acknowledge the transformation of our bodies!

This ritual celebrates and honours your transformation into motherhood.
From now till the end of August 2018 we are combining Birth Story Listening followed by Closing The Bones massage.  Call me to discuss today... 

  • sessions last from 2hrs - 2hrs 30mins
  • loose comfortable clothing
  • you need to be child free with no interruptions
  • space is located in Kopane or can be done in your own home
  • the only thing needed is an open heart
  • If 2.5hrs is to long for you to be away, we can arrange two sessions.

Cost: $96

Mother honouring abdominal massage only, $45 for 30mins 

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