Preparation for birth and beyond


Whether you are expecting, birthing again or a new mother, Unique Beginnings is here to support you on your journey. Often questions can arise such as… ‘How will I cope with labour?’ ‘What do I need to know to care for my baby?’ ‘This isn’t what I expected and how do I move forward?’…
Unique Beginnings provides support which is tailored to your individual family need.

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Birth is a journey – a unique beginning

Unique Beginnings's goal is to inspire and empower you, as you journey into birth and throughout your parenting years. With a combination of creative tools and practical information we support alongside you as you grow confidence and proceed on your unique path.


"Over the years I have watched Rebecca grow in her role supporting new parents and newborns. As she connected with many diverse families I was confident they would be offered compassionate, thoughtful evidence based care. I’m excited for Rebecca to take what she has learnt from working with clients in Vancouver and share it with families in New Zealand. They are fortunate to have her - we miss her!"


Educator Vancouver Coastal Health


"It was your guidance that helped lead me to the answers I was searching for, and to now have this ultimate sense of closure. Thank you so much!"


Mother of 2 'Birth Story Listening'


"What had a big effect on me was the realisation, exactly how i was feeling post birth. I would recommend Birth Story Listening to anyone who's birth wasn't sitting right with them."


Mother, 'Birth Story Listening'


"it was truely a beautiful & very unique experience, nothing I have had done before & I am a massage therapist so have a few treatments in my time. I only wish I could have done this years ago with my other two babies & I definitely would do again & again! Just to honour my body & what it has done to give life was the most precious gift I could receive! Rebecca you truely have a gift & I’m so thankful"


Mother of 3 'Closing the Bones'

Birth Preparation – first baby or birthing again? Birthing from Within classes are designed to your unique needs.  >> learn more

Labour/birth support – taking childbirth preparation to the birth space with custom doula care for your new family.  >> learn more

Postpartum & Beyond – supporting you as new parents with postnatal care, from your first weeks and beyond. >> learn more